Fair journey, Archie.


The rains have come. The storms and typhoons that define the season have formed a line, each waiting for their turn to visit the Philippines. I have always welcomed the rains because they are healers to land that had just been scorched by our summer heat. Sun and rain are a combination for great productivity and much of our motherland’s abundance comes from this. Today, though, I mourn, I mourn for the loss of a friend, our friend, GK’s friend, Archie King. The rains and the winds and the mountains claimed him. But even in my sadness, I am wondering if Archie would have chosen to go any other way.

I know you see and you hear. Accept our gratitude, Archie, and watch over the many you have lifted from fear and suffering. Thank you, thank you. #walangiwanan

a rainy day in june

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