a moment


A new year is not a matter of time. Time, after all, is timeless – so far. Man does not know when time began, and man does not know when time will end. In an immeasurable context brought by no known beginning and no known ending, a new year is not really so much a matter of time but more a matter of cycles, a matter of seasons.

It must be that that a person with a known beginning and a guaranteed ending, or a person with mortality, experiences cycles or seasons. Awake and asleep strong and tired, well and ill, young and old, happy and sad – cycles, seasons.

A New Year, then, must be symbolic of a new cycle, a moment when an inner resolve is invited to go beyond the failures and the hurts, to cross the cold and the darkness, to take another step when it seems impossible, to smile when there seems no reason to, to love in faith, to hope for enduring sunlight.


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