a thought for a December day


We are caught up with the lives of others, especially famous people. Modern technology allows us to meet many of them, and graphically at that, too. It used to be that we knew of the greatness of some through stories told to us by our elders, or through books we read. Today, the Internet gives us everything and everyone, the past, the present and, speculatively, even the future.

The flurry of information around us, aided powerfully by the aggressive attempts of the world to get our attention (and buy their products or think their way), distract us from the quiet and mental rest we need. Reflection is not anymore a daily exercise that builds the muscles of our wisdom. The amount of information that is thrown our way, and that captures our curiosity because of their glitter and variety, takes away from our capacity to remember the best of our lives for fleeting satiation.

We forget that even at our best, the things that matter and last are not that many. But selective and few they may be, even a moment can lift a lifetime.


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