“we fucked up bad.”


yesterday, seven classmates of an era long faded, met for regular “pancitan” meal attended by the sentimental, the nostalgic, and the merely chismoso 🙂 invariably, after the greetings and what’s-been-happening-to-classmates talk, we discuss the current news and end up with the question – is there hope for our country?

is there? one classmate, a lawyer, said with conviction, “there is hope, but not in our lifetime.”

the discussion went into sober review of what we remember of the decades when we, as products of a premier school, had the physical strength, the youth idealism, and the advantage of age and opportunity. at the end, grudgingly by some, we admitted how we all adapted to a system that went from bad to worse. like the last nail to a coffin, lawyer classmate said, “we fucked up bad.”

it is not easy to point to ourselves when there are so many corrupt, stupid, and lying bastards out there hugging the news, or being hugged by it. only in more quiet moments when all self-defense is discarded, or in collective gatherings when the spirit of friendship overrides all debates and only what is best for all, that elusive common good, becomes the primordial value, can truth in its nakedness be seen.

where did it go, then, that one shining moment of reflection? hopefully, snippets can be remembered, snippets of hope, snippets about the younger generations, snippets like:

” let’s not try to fool our children and just admit we fucked up, and how. let’s not justify the wrong we did, or compromised with.”

“our children and grandchildren, they are different, the different that is better, collectively more idealistic, a refreshing change that will cause a major transformation by living out their nobility.”

jose rizal, ka pepe, mukhang tama ka naman.

2 thoughts on ““we fucked up bad.”

  1. edgardo mendoza

    It always feels good 2bond w/old friends Yup we did F up bad but we have 2move on.,.n try 2amend 4 R apos sake

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